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Here I am writing you from Tunisia. I am in the mood of sharing with you a tipical dessert “Assida” generally served during the Mouled (Momammed’s birthday – salla allah 3aleyhe wa sallam– ). I was in Paris when we celebrated it but I prepared it again last week in Italy: yummy, healthy and take too much time (3hours min)
It is based on pin cone seed  (mashed) and vanilla milk cream and dried fruits…
I used the original receipe written on the zgougou box, genuine ingredients (Zgougou from Tunisia)  and natural tools (wood and pottery) .

graines de pomme de pin
pine cone seed
dilute 500gr of Zgougou + 2L of Water
filter using a thin riddle (It seems that I am looking for some gold pieces…)
put down the water again and filter it (4times…it takes too much time)
add sugar and flour
better if you put them in a small bowl (you will always have lumps!)
filter lump…
put zgougou on fire and mix until it becomes creamy
500gr zgougou
2L water
250-350 flour
sugar as you want
pour it into a large bowl or cup
Milk cream with vanilla and roses water
2 egg yolks
2 spoons of sugar and 2 of flour 2 vanilla sugar
add some milk and mix
filter to avoid lump
then add 1/2 L milk
mix slowly on fire until it becomes creamy
I added one spoone of roses water
put it on zgougou
I cut and toasted some nuts and almonds
It takes too much time but it worth it, I prepare it only once per year
Happy Mouled to all