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Written by sana, 8 years ago, 4 Comments

I was invited to the Rampazzi Garden Party in Ascona, last Saturday. Dress Code 70s: colorful, creative and uninhibited. John Lenon glasses, bulky wigs , plastic jewelry  and  smily faces. I blindly entrusted to my hair stylist Renato (Como), for makeup and hair although I dediced at the last minute, I looked like my mother … 30 years ago. For the rest, it was funny to be part of that “atmophere”. The party was organized to perfection, unfortunately I do not understand German but I enjoyed it anyway. The party ended at the family’s private nightclub where we, all, rocked  the 70’s dance rhythm! Groooooove …

Soon the official photo of the event and  tonight you can watch the “Rampazzi’s Garden Party” in the show “Glanz & Gloria”, which will be broadcast on SF1 (Swiss-German television), from 18:40 to 18:55.

Thanks Carlo, Lorenza, Michela, Sergio, Vale and Simone for the good time ♥


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  1. Dora9 July 2013, 15:07

    Looks like you had so much fun! The food looks delicious 🙂

    • sana9 July 2013, 15:22

      Yes it’s true ! It was fantastic and the food yummy 😉

  2. Monya Boyle9 July 2013, 17:43

    Simply Wow…. Amazing, colourful, lively, inspiring… Wish I was there…. U all look amazing 🙂 Luv it x

    • sana9 July 2013, 19:19

      Thanks Monya. I really wished you to be there with us. Next time with Lee 😉