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One of my favorite cookery is  Lebanese . I had the chance to live in Beirut, a beautiful city that I miss a lot. Cooking  some traditional recipes (mine, are less caloric) makes me feel, again, in Lebanon. Scents, flavors and lots of laughs!

I prepared some of my favorite dishes: rice TADBIA, Fattoush salad (which I love) topped with SUMMA and ROB ERREMEN (pomegranate syrup ).

Among my guests there was my friend Marco,  Lebanese origines, my friend Ada,  Greek origines, as well as my Italian friends (north and south, united Italy). The dinner was successful and palates “of the Mediterranean Sea” satisfied!



Tips to prepare the rice:
Use only the Basmati rice, use almonds and / or pine nuts which are fried in olive oil. After having filtered them throw in the oil (the same) the minced meat. Cook it  well and add salt and spices (the seven spices – Sat bharat). Add the rice and mix. Then add the broth (honestly I only put boiling water) approximately 2 cups for each cup of rice. Aside, boil a chicken breast with cinnamon and cloves.
When cooked,   cut chicken into small piece with your hands and let it sear for  few minutes (chicken is used for decoration such as almondse). Have a look at the pictures, it  is simple but you should respect the steps.  Do not overdo with oil and spices please.



DSC_0112 DSC_0115 DSC_0121


DSC_0127 DSC_0128

DSC_0117 DSC_0119





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