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When I moved in Italy it was inevitable for me to know Alghieri Dante and his Divina Commedia. Unfortunately up until now, I find it hard to understand it (well), I have followed with great attention Benigni interpretation in “TUTTO DANTE”  (Live in Florence) broadcast on Rai 2.

But I admit that the reinterpretation of Dante’s Inferno signed Christian Poggioni & Lorenzo Lutteri  is just perfect!

Imagine to be Dante and to see all the sinners in front of you,  suffering sinners and perhaps, sincere for the first time in their lives not in life but in hell.

Completely emerged into the huge garden of the sumptuous villa Rizzoli in Canzo. For the first half of the show, we spectators, followed a path in the garden indicated by “clues signed by Dante and in each corner we discovered a live interpretation screaming, yelling and disputes. All the pain that you can imagine and that the actors were  able to convey through their voices, emotions and their bodies extremely expressive.

The show ended in the plains, we were sitting, surprised and super excited. I was goose bumps every time I thought that this could be the end of sinners. Our end … in hell.

a special thanks to MADDALENA MASSAFRA  for the invitation

friend,  theater manager, talented writer and actress

ps: not giving up wearing heels, I took a flight with a spectacular landing. My usual fool … with a very stylish smile 😉

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