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Today I will introduce a special person. A DJ music  genius … Taoufik Ben Abdellah known as BENDJ. Stars DJ  (Belen Rodriguez, Bvlgari, …) and the ” the fire lighter ” of the most “IN” events . Thousands of bodies were dancing (and still do) in Milan, Paris, Porto Cervo, Ibiza, Miami, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Brazil and London ( the list goes on). We met by chance having friends in common. He have Tunisian origin like me, it was “urgent to know each other” ;-).

Here is the interview of BENDJ exclusively on

Who are you?

I am Tawfik, I am 45 years old, I’m Italian. My father is Tunisian and my mother is French.

How did you fell in love with music?

I started when I was 16 while accompanying my brothers who organized events. The music was and still  is everything to me.

I am used to work in contact with peaople and consoles, I’ve done the animator in touristic villages: as Club Med for example. I also worked abroad: Caribbean, St. Domingo … so many memories and hard work.



The kind of music you were listening to in that period?

Michael Jacskon, James Brown …

Why did you choose to move here, in Italy?

I was tired of turning 30, I knew what I wanted to do for a lifetime. The DJ all night and Milan offered me great opportunities. I’m lucky, after so much work orgoliosamenti are now sought to enliven the evenings of the star.

The most crazy event?

They are all memorable and successful … but I would say in Brazil six years ago. 40,000 people were dancing on my rhythm 🙂

Whith whom are you working?

Alone. I am a self made ​​man …

What gives you the strength to get up every day and work?

Hunger. If you I don’t work I do not exist, and tomorrow I will be no one. There are no gifts from people you have to work.

Do you know that my blog talks about many things, but also about fashion. So what’s your work outfit?

Jeans and Tshirt for ever 😉

Favourite shoes?

Those designed by Giuzeppe Zannotti

What do you think of Blogging?

Blogs are important, of course selected ones. News are faster through internet, and even more efficient if told by young people. I like and I also like yours too 😉

Your fashiontherapy?

Eat well, I’m not on diet because I eat very healthy and play sport regulary. Idon’t  drink alcohol  either no smoke. I’m always listening music 🙂

Do you read?

Who has time to read books? I’am always connected on all the news channels and economics. I do everything through the internet when I’m away.

Latest tracks / CD?

CD? No, I manage everything via Itunes. I’am quite practical and I try to use the best.

Can you give us an appointment to see you “rockin’in”?

The Byblos Milan every Thursday, I’ll be waiting for you 😉

Thank you for dedicating me a post on your blog, and thanks to your followers;-)

Thank you



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