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Discovering newmade in Italy” creations? now you‘re used to My last discovery is called Tupi Tupi  for accessories and jewelery made ​​from pieces of history. Behind, there is a lot of research and work. In addition, each piece is unique and precious. Gaia Petrizzi, the artist, she is a fashion designer very sensitive to the forgotten beauty to which she offers a second life. She sees through things that may be are trivial or even invisible to us. We talked and I was struck by her passion that immediately reminded me of Mrs. Emanuela Lopez Gallery in Como (do you remember?). I admit that I am not a big lover of vintage simply because I find it difficult to match with the things I already have. But the way the shop windows were staged and how were presented the accessories Tupi-Tupi, in the  Memory Lane shop, all seems to be perfect! The bags, clothes and shoes of the Vintage boutique could only be the ideal corniche. Compliments to who has been able to enhance the beauty of the Tupi TupiCollection.

a special thanks to Emanuela Pirré

Via Galeazzo Alessi 8 – Milano

Memory Lane Shop

with Gaia Petrizzi