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Here is the last post, of the series SayDay Market, dedicated to Mauro Gatti. He is an artist but I do not know how to define him honestly … I was a bit lost lost when he said “no, I do something else during the day.” … We talked, laughed, he explained t me his philosophy and for a while I was disconected of reality …my head was invased by characters drawn by him: fantastic, smiling talking about Love.
In the first floor of the Milan Location c’est Chic, Mauro Gatti was celebrating amazing tatoos semi permant with the visitors. They are really nice and full of irony for those who can catch it …
I copied two images: one for his Bio here and the other for his work activities that you – absolutely-  must see to understand … who is Mauro Gatti!

Mauro Gatti Tatoo