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Written by sana, 9 years ago, 1 Comment

The perfect place to drink a coffe or to have a drink in Stresa is bviously “Bar Pasticceria Gigi”  where they make the finest Margheritine (traditional Novara’s sweets) in the area. In fact I had tasted them a year ago, I will never forget that pink box signed Gigi … Waiters are very kind and smiling. They were calling me  Madame . The location reminded me so much the classical Milanese bar in the center with wooden furniture, high ceiling, the delicate scent of coffee, in addition to a lot of fresh pastries and cakes, refined and exquisite. In addition to jams … Unfortunately I can not eat wheat flour. I ate everything with my eyes and I settled for a cake that is called Good but Ugly (Buono ma Brutto). It was the last stop before returning to Como.


  1. David Kingston30 January 2015, 00:39

    We have visited Stresa many times over the last 30 years, staying at the Gigi Hotel, above the bar. Sadly the Gigi hotel closed in 2014 but Anna and Bruno remain at the Bar/Pasticeria so we still enjoy Patritzia’s superb coffee and pastries. Every trip, O=n departure, Anna kindly presents us with a box of Margeritini, much enjoyed when we get home .

    Evenings are happily spent at the Pizzeria/Ristrorante Centrale in the company of famiglia Galiardi and their staff.

    I look forward to more visits again in 2015!