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Last Sunday I went along with my friends in Candelo (in Piedmont) to celebrate the 33 springs of our friend Matteo. We came from Como, Milan and Rome, a long way for a restaurant? Yes, but it worth it. My latest discovery is called Il Torchio 1763. The structure is obviously restoredthe decor is simple and elegant. The menu is typical of the area and offers a wide choice (rice, polenta, cheese,…). Of course you do not eat a pizza there! I promised my friend to taste the meat because he said that it was a sin not to eat there. In reality in the eaten with great pleasure and not just even the fatted goose but the rabbit no … do not overdo it ….
The old town seemed deserted in relata It is forbidden to have any residence there. There are only few shops. This place was a location for horror movies like dracula 🙂 you can imagine what I did (check the following post)

Ristorante il Torchio 1763
Candelo, Piazza Castello
tel. 015.249.9028 – 340.421.3851 – 327.205.7411