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Buongiorno mondo!
Sweet or salted crepes are perfect when you want to eat well in a short time. In fact, usually I prepare them in half cooking then reheat them a short time while stuffing themBe creative! make the most delicious mix. Sweet Crepes: chocolate banana, chocolate pear, almonds and honey, strawberries with a  vanilla ice cream …. Or  Emmental and tuna, mushrooms and egg There are lots of combinations! get busy and eat them at will this recipe is really light and yummy!

enjoy your weekend
you will need:
½ L milk
200 gr flour
2 eggs
2 spoons of oil

Start by mixing milk with 100gr flour, then add the eggs, salt and 100gr of flour

keep it in the fridge for min 30mn
I usually prepare it the day before (for breakfast)
put some butter  (not oil !)
you can preapre (medium cooking) a lot of crepes and keep them in the fridge
Banana and Chocolate crepe for breakfast or as a dessert
 Emmental and Tuna Crepe
don’t try to resist  😉