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My first stop was at the Sunday Market in Milan was for Carillon Design (by Ellis Palmi) sweet person full of talent. She created fresh and original creations for a different concept of house, colorful and very “BON TONbut also for the best gift ideas ever such as pillows App. they are just amazing Obviously, I guarantee the quality. the Made in Italy is  not only what “in” people wear but also their houses. Ellis said, “Carillon Design is the brainchild of Elisa Palmisano, young Art Director in Milan. Her adventure in the piece of furniture began in 2011, when she creates Carillon Design, own-product brand which takes its name from the chests and bringuing joys in where each girl hides the most precious things. 
Carillon is presented as a collection of ideas, with a romantic, modern and pop touch, which gives a nod to those who love the  “dollhouse” style. A new and original creative verve that tells well the passions of this girl, always straddling the most innovative trends in the city of Milan and the authenticity of the province’s most traditionalist. The fabrics of Carillon Design are top quality and totally Made in Italy. Should Iconvince you? check out the photos and enjoy

Brava Ellis !