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I am a lover of vegetables, and I try to take advantage  eating them fresh, seasonal
Today I propose a recipe to cook artichokes. They are not beloved by children and even adults but I love them: raw and / or cooked just know how to enhance their fresh taste.
For those who do not know, the artichoke is Mediterranean (ours!),  born exactly in Sicily (like many other things ) and it is rich in potassium (but few vitamins). Good for the heart and the liver

My tips: (1) do not cook them too much not to lose their properties, it goes well with the minced meat (meatballs), rice and shrimp, Parmesan cheese or Grana cheese (raw salad). (2) please do not eat them  frozen , I know they are not easy to clean but just be armed by  gloves (the artichokes cut will stain the skin), a ceramic knife, a lemon (antioxidant because when cut, artichokes tend to become black) and a beautiful song!


ricilctate ciò che rimane
questa è un altra storia…. to be continued