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For a rainy day like today, it’s quite necessary to drink a good tea but not any one a  DARJEELING  my  favorite one at all. It is also called THE CHAMPAGNE OF TEAS. This tea took the name of the region  of its is grown (in India). I admit that I don’t drink it casually in a banal way. I  like it without sugar nor milk and strong. I have a ritual, a kind of homage to the tradition of tea to capture my emotions and moments that I live … It needs the linen tablecloth embroidered by hand, the Bavarian porcelain cup,  refined sweets and of course a person I like .. I shared this pleasure in  London, Paris, Prague and in my house. Always in good company and always talking about pleasant things. I fixed in time a moment of happiness associated with a taste, a smell, a memory … so enjoy your Sunday and have a good Darjeeling!

sulla confezione del té: “a tasty tea from the second flush period. Darjeeling black tea. Preventing asthma attack at the presence of caffein clears the air flow to the lungs. Helps to decrease blood sugar and increase insulin in blood”
SOURCE: Tealand

Darjeeling Tea
Macarons Ladurée

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