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I wanted to point out the BODY WORLDS EXHIBITION in Milan at the Steam Factory (great location), if you do not know what to do this weekend. Tomorrow February 17 last day! So do not miss it, I was there last Thursday (but booked a month in advance my guided visit – a medical student). I admit I was a bit puzzled … I do not eat meat … so how can’t react when seeing  hanging bodies …?!
What is it? It’s an exhibition of Gunther von Hagens that combines art and science (anatomy) using the plastination (which is based on the fact depriving the body and its organs of its fluids and replace them by a plastic-based liquid: it is not the better explanation but it is, in my opinion,  the easiest one to define a very complex process. To make this project real… thausand volunteers have “given” their bodies to science … immortalized “embalmed” studied and sliced ​​as a carpaccio … …
I do not know what is the limit between being a “genius” or being “macabre” …
I spent ten years of my life studying the human brain and human behavior (neuropsycholoy) I’ve seen  all and more … and I think that there is still much to see …
ps: it is forbidden to take pictures so I invite you to see the site before going there:


Stop at Duomo – Milan
Expresso at Rinascente Terrace
ging to the exhibition I saw a sicilian Ice cream shop
No way to resist!
when I arrived…I was asking myself if it was a good idea to eat the icecream before entering…
bought the manaul (I couldn’t see all the images, some of them are truely hard)
a quiz for my little cousin, I am sure she will like it, it’s well done

To give a dark touch to my look of PhdI couldn’t miss my silk  foulard of Alexander McQueen , my new  slipper André got from Paris last month.
Coat Fay – Tights Philipp Matignon-  Jacket Rocco Barocco and Armani Jeans shorts and bluse- Bag Fendi