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Sometimes things organized at the lasttime are the most beautiful and audacious. Saturday a.m.  we decided to spend the weekend in St Moritz to celebrate the birthday of my friend Simon. We have never been there before! 3a.m Internet booking for  hotel was enough to want it. Contrary to what you think we saved at 100% because it is a low season ;-).
Who says St Moritz says jet set, luxury, lots of fun especially in winter.
We left Saturday at 6p.m from Como , thinking it was the best time to avoid traffic. Got it right! A suitcase for two, lots of fruits, water on the road and especially charges for this new goal! One of those weekends where you decide also to detoxify fromtechnology so no pc (for me it was dramatic even if only for 24 hours) I cheated using my blackberry (linking up to the hotel’s wifi). It was also a weekend of relax. I those immersed and surrounded by nature at 2400m (but also surrounded by an infinite luxury!). We walk a lot.
I share with you this wonderful intense and crazy 24 hours in St Moritz baptized by me as a “Mini Swiss- Dubai” (although Dubai has not and will NEVER comparison)


here we go !
9 p.m check in done!
the view from my room
It is better to abondon my trench
appena arrivate ho dovuto abbandonare il mio trench per mettere un cappotto visto che c’erano solo 4° (rispetto ai 23° a Como!)
up !
2400m ! 4°C
after Burj Khalifa (Dubai) here I am, back again, to
amazing !
want to be back 4 christmas
 The St Moritz Design Gallery
 (more pic in the next post)
around the lac
love this shoot
my amazing “Olivia & Popey” umbrella (Moschino)
my childhood heroes 🙂
meeting the lac
Olympic village
my perfect shoot, I catched the raindow 🙂
back to Italy
a forced stop in Menaggio
I urgently need caffeine
with love from St Moritz 

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