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These are random pictures shoot through my walk at SENTIERO DEI PROVERBI.
Do you know how I felt? like Alice in wonderland (even if am not blonde)…full immersion in nature…but not a speachless one! I felt in complete syntony with everything around me and PEACE overwhelmed me.
It’s the first time that I saw houses with decorations  on the outside walls and garden:  paintings, statues, wood costructions, and differents artistics pieces! coloured, beautiful and ECOLOGICAL. Indeed they created flowers made by plastic cups (used) giving them a second life! As an open air museum at 1000m high, in middle of a forest. I saw a lot of people cleaning, cutting wood and helping each other. I felt in another dimension 🙂
I asked an old man (while working) if he was the one who made all the decorations of his garden he said : “no, sometimes, someone come and add something. Here we help each other to keep clean and beautifull all  gardens even if neighbours are absent”. He was happy and smiling…
I think I have nothing to add judge by yourself

this house was built in 1595!
roots garden
” a man remains standing if he preservs his roots”
” Man’s roots are his childhood, his place of birth, all the things that happened to him while growing up”
Gian Pietro Moretti – 2010
highly protected flowers
the view from the highest point of the garden (giardino delle radici)
beautiful things rising from everywhere…
life is everywhere aroud us
life is so beautiful but fragile
protect and respect it
“special thanks to Aditi, a pretty little princess that had fun using my Nikon and shooting a lot of beautiful pictures (the last one also) “

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