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One thing I really enjoy is cooking especially kneading 🙂 it is so relaxing ! for my pleasure and the one of all people around me…
Today while reading my endless articles I prepared “Piadine”  that need too much time to get ready (leavening and cooking). Based on white flour, milk, brewer’s yeast (very few, about 5gr), salt and olive oil. Very light and much more better than eating bread.  Used like wraps, I usually eat them with grilled vegetables, cheese or salad.
I really enjoy the smell of bread (in general) while cooking in my kitchen, it reminds me my childhood. Watching Piadine cooking is just spectacular !!!

Share with me 😉

cheese and grilled zucchini
green salad, basil and tuna

vegetables soup, perfect match

and now time for an italian ” Espresso” in Como with my friends back from Sicily
at Caffetteria di Pietro – Piazza Duomo Como
(pic shoot with blackberry)
2 a.m am a bit sleepy…

tonight ther’s a full moon, we are in half of Ramadan
buona notte stelle!

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