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Even if I renew my wardrobe and keep updated with trends, for cooking I prefer going back to the original ways of preparing food. Nowadays, few people use pottery to cook ( invented 6,000BC), I appreciate it, even if breakable, because it has a  perfect process for boilling, unoxidizable, chimically neutral and so easy to clean. Indeed, the ingredients do not lose they original taste, cooking at the right temperature and keep boiling even when you take it off from fire. Still remember in winter, the lentils soup boiling on my table while snowing outside.
The pottery I was using in this case was a gift from my brother, I am using it since 2006, very beautiful with handmade decorations! It has, like me, berber origins. I cooked a delicious Tunisian soup: ” chorba Frik” of course hot :-). A must during Ramadan Eftar.


ognion and olive oil

prepare your meatballs
minced meat, dried mint, hot pepper, salt and tabel

Frik (ground hard wheat)

add some hot peppers 😉

fresh tomatoes sauce


voilà! frik soup served in porcelaine plate
you can add dried mint, lemon if you want

Bon appétit !

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