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Ciao tuttiiiiiiii, 2 day ago I have been in Bergamo to meet a friend of mine and her 15days-old baby “Sergio”sooooo cute! and small! we have spent a wonderful day despite the weather. I love Shopping (you already know that) in Bergamo, specially for accessories. . There are many handmade products (made in Italy of course). I didn’t have too much time but I baught what I need at BAIXA shop (thank you Angela for the advice) I appreciate hair accessorises (not shoes and bags). I was lucky there was a special discount (50%  to 70 off). I chose a confortable outfit based on gifted pieces: the dress gifted by my friend in Beirut last summer, the bangle from my sister for my birthday (many many years ago even if am young uaaa 🙂 and the silver ring from my friend living in Bruxelles:Universal outfit “. Than I saw a beautiful dress at Max Mara boutique and….


handmade headband

with skulls !
smile ciiiiiiiiiak

Selvaggia e Fiocco were modeling 🙂
they were gifted to me by the famous designer RAMPAZZI
Selvaggia last spring (2012) during the Milano Fair (Salone del Mobile)
Fiocco for my Phd (Spring 2011)

Vespa io TI AMO

*** bellissimi ***

traditional “gelato” icecream made from pulp fruit


36°: gelato nocciola e ciccolato fondente in un cono di cacao: mortale!
36°: hazelnuts & dark chocolate iceream in a cacao cone: to die for!

all what we need !
see the cute baby Max Mara dress

Total look Max Mara from the vey new collection fall/winter 2012
composed by:
Black dress with slik nude plissé and leather belt
vernis (open toe) heels and clutch

what do you think?

Thausand kisses followers !!!

 “special thanks to the Max Mara team that let me shoot these pic (it wasn’t organased)
it is not an advertissement it was a “normal “shopping” for a friend
fortunately my Nikon is always at hand 🙂

I was wearing:
Long dress from Beirut thanks Ayat
TT Italian handmade shoes
MAX MARA handbag (it was a case :-))
SKULL bracelet Italian handmade
SILVER BANGLE Tunisian handmade
INDIAN SILVER RING (gifted- the fair of Milan for accessories)
BAIXA Italian handmade headband

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