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Lopez Jewellery museum is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Como, if you want to buy special Jewellery or vintage dresses. Or if you are just attracted by beautiful things.
I was honored to talk with the owner, Madam Emanuela: a very elegant and professional woman. She answered to all the questions that I asked her with a lot of emotion. She loves her job, her passion and she feels lucky! Her words sounded like a poettery to me and believe me when she was talking about the red dress (in the picture) my eyes were shining looking at her. 
Jewellery, diamonds, silver products…and many other objetcs that I cannot describe..handmade, customized and rich of history.
The shop, museum is situated in VIA VITANI, and the design is icredibely beautiful and attractive. In few seconds you feel disconnected from your reality and you feel swallow up by the 50th souvenirs…Just be carried away and feel ready to enter a new dimension. In fact, I was repeating: “I feel like an actress in the movie of Poirot or one of the thriller of Agatha Chrisrtie 🙂
than in the last room, I felt to be on the Titanic”. The atmosphere overwelmed me…may be it was the french music…the light of the candles…I don’t know! But I ll be back.
I think that only sensitive persons can really appreciate this kind of places
only appassionate by beauty and art 
those who really care about details and luxury

hope that you are like me 

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  1. Mariagrazia Lopez16 Novembre 2013, 01:51

    Grazie per il bellissimo articolo!