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Two days ago I prepared COUSCOUS. Am sure you ate it at least once in your life, but am not sure that you liked it 🙂

It is a North African dish of semolina traditionally served with a meat or vegetable stew spooned over it. Couscous is a staple food throughout Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Lybia. I prepared it using theTunisian recipe means my mother recipe 🙂
I enjoy cooking specially for my friends, I like having people at home. Couscous is perfect to share with your friends! I use traditional  disches (pottery- Tunisian handmade).
To succeed cooking couscous, you need genuine ingredients, “couscoussière”, patience a too much loooooooooooooove !
ps: Nancy Ajram  ( funniest one) and Haifa Wehbe were my special guest while cooking 🙂


Ognions, cloves  and olive oil
after browning ognions you add beef ( medium pieces) 
than tomato sauce and water
you need salt and TABEL

My bio vegetables have strange shapes 🙂

when beef is well cooked you add chickpea, and vegetables
15mn max

 you put your semolina in a big plate

add some olive oil

then add a spoon of salt in a big cup of water (warm)

put the semolina on the top of the “couscoussière” 
(steam cooking)

after 10mn take it off and add your personal ingredients
than put it into the couscoussiere again for 10mn

my “MUST”

My personal touch
very hot chili pepper, cloves, a cinnamon stick, roses petals

et voilà!
Chaheya tayba
Bon appétit
Buon appetito

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  1. Aldina29 giugno 2012, 09:40

    ah adorabile il cous cous, anch’io ho il mix di spezie hand made, i petali di rosa son quelli del mio giardino dove cresce una rosa rouge-noir dal profumo divino e che regala al mio kouscsi 😛 un sapore unico ^.^

    • Sana4 luglio 2012, 14:30

      Allora lo devo assaggiare il tuo couscous 🙂 baci anch a te e grazie per essere una fashion follower 🙂 Sana