My Fashion Therapy

When fashion meets psychology

Published by Sana Bouamama

 A pretty (petit) bistro & restaurant in Milan. I was attracted by the special design wich remind me the the Provence. I really appreciate the french touch even if it's an Italian restaurant.the menu is well done and the food is excellent!♥S                                                               fiori di zucchine e carciofi fritti Branzino con olive e carciofi cotti al forno  BURBERRY WOOL SWEATER AND SCARFSEAL KEY JEANSVINTAGE DOUBLE FACE COATBAGATT SHOES AND GLOVESPAUL SMITH HAND BAG

It doesn't matter if you are hungry or not. It doesn't matter if you don't like cakes. Go ...

Probablement le musée le plus grand et le plus varié. Il faut prévoir au moins 3 jours pour tout voir car il n'y a pas que les momies et la Joconde. J'y suis allée deux fois en 3 ans. ...

There is no transaltion able to express what I feel and how I would describe it,  because it's an italian hand made creation that deserve to be called "La camiccia" in the italian way.A perfect cut that suits me very well. Elegant and fresh colour for my meetings.♥S

This is my favourite blusher at all. Pocket, perfect color and texture that last all the day for a very natural and fresh look♥S